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ASA in the media

Why you might be wearing slave-made clothes
The Conversation
July 16, 2019

Modern Slavery In Australia

2Ser Breakfast

11 July 2019

Human trafficking and slavery still happen in Australia. This comic explains how

The Conversation

12 June 2019

Migrants trapped in ‘slave-like’ conditions at Aussie farms

Government News

25 April 2019

Modern day slavey is alive and well in Australia within the supply chain of big business.

The Quo

07 March 2019

Just one in five cases of modern slavery are known to police

Sydney Morning Herald

24 Feb 2019

Girls as young as 7 are being forced into arranged marriages

7 News Sydney

Mon 19 Nov

Australia’s Modern Slavery Bill – brief analysis

Anti-Slavery International blog

5 October 2018

Another World

Eastside Radio

30th Sep 2018

The Scourge of Modern Slavery


29 Sept 2018

The Ties that Bind

Peppermint Magazine

August 2018

A commitment to compassion

UTS Faculty of Law News

15 August 2018

Children mining cobalt in slave-like conditions as global demand for battery material surges

ABC News

25 July 2018

Afghan teen who burnt to death came here as child bride on fake papers

The Age

24 July 2018

Push for slavery victims to have national redress scheme


01 July 2018

Reckon you're not involved in modern slavery? Think again

Triple J Hack

29 June 2018

Tricked into leaving Australia and struggling to get back


24 June 2018

Why victims aren't coming forward about forced marriages

ABC News

18 June 2018

Calls for more proactive measures against forced marriage


18 June 2018

Australia's first conference on forced marriage

Saturday Extra, Radio National

16 June 2018

Trauma of forced marriage in Australia revealed in new campaign
SBS News

10 April 2018

Sydney teachers learn how to combat human trafficking
Catholic Outlook

19 March 2018

Writing on the wall
UTS Newsroom

02 Mar 2018

Slavery: Australia's hidden shame is being uncovered

February 24, 2018

Sydney man allegedly made family fly to India against their will and tried to cancel Australian visa

ABC News

05 December 2017

Sydney man charged after allegedly trafficking wife, daughter to India

SBS News

05 December 2017

Sydney man charged with trafficking wife and baby daughter

Sydney Morning Herald

05 December 2017

Konica Minolta human rights efforts win Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Award

IT Brief

10 Nov 2017

Forced Marriage a Hidden Form of Violence

Catholic News

10 Nov 2017

Griffith Academic Receives Prestigious Award for Fighting Child Trafficking
Griffith News

10 Nov 2017

Modern Day Slavery Is Rife In Australia

The Daily, 2SER

Commission moves to unshackle slavery

PS News

07 Nov 2017

Organisations Unite to End Modern Slavery in Australia

Pro Bono Australia

01 Nov 2017

Australian governments warned they could be buying supplies made by slave labour

The Guardian

18 Oct 2017

Australia Cracks Down on Modern Slavery

The Straits Times

04 Sept 2017

225 illegal workers found in raids across Australia

SBS News

22 August 2017

Hundreds of illegal foreign workers swept up in raids, border force says

SBS News

21 August 2017

Modern Chains: An Interview with Anti-Slavery Australia's Professor Jennifer Burn

21 July 2017

The case for Australian modern slavery legislation

Honi Soit

07 June 2017

From live streaming to TOR: new technologies are worsening online child exploitation

The Conversation

May 25, 2017

The World Today


19 May 2017

Inquiry into Potential Modern Slavery Act For Australia

The Wire

07 April 2017

Remembering Slavery: Recognition, Justice and Development

UTS Newsroom

04 April 2017

How taking a photo on your next holiday could help put an end to sex trafficking.

29 March 2017

National compensation scheme needed for victims of forced labour and slave trade: new report

Canberra Times

26 October 2016

Human trafficking victims deserve national compensation scheme

ABC News

25 October 2016

Child marriage: A closer look at the story behind the headlines

RN Breakfast

26 September 2016

Light from the shadows

U Magazine

26 August 2016

Justice elusive for victims of forced labour

SBS Insight

26 July 2016

We need an Anti-Slavery Commissioner

SBS Insight

26 July 2016

Freedom Hub Cafe helping survivors of slavery

SBS News

15 July 2016

A modern-day slave in Australia's suburbs

BBC News

9 June 2016

Almost 46 million people trapped in modern slavery: global index

SBS World News

June 01 2016

Slavery still common in Australia and abroad

The Wire

June 01, 2016

Difficult distinction between unacceptable work conditions and slavery

The Examiner

April 30, 2016

International students working rights

SBS Radio

31 March 2016

Despite positive steps, Australia still needs to do more to end forced marriage

The Conversation

11 March 2016

Preventing Forced Marriage In Australia


10 March 2016

International Womens Day highlights government response to forced marriage


08 March 2016

Anti-slavery workers say government is failing sex trafficking victims

Triple J

01 March 2016

Australia's human trafficking crisis: Forced marriage, labour exploitation are rising

NT News &
22 November 2015

Thailand Must Protect Witnesses' Families
Phuketwan News

05 November 2015

Judith Neilson backs effort to eradicate slavery and trafficking in Australia
UTS Newsroom

06 November 2015

Forced child marriages in Australia

27 October 2015

Push for police protection over human trafficking
Radio New Zealand

28 August 2015

Human trafficking: Sex slavery victims risking brutal reprisals to access government support, campaigners say
ABC News

26 August 2015

Launch of the 2015 TIP report
SBS News

28 July 2015

A battle against evil: Australia urged to act on sex trafficking

SBS News
28 July 2015

Discovery of a lost ancestral link

Sydney Morning Herald
23 July 2015

Slavery in the City
2SER Radio
23 July 2015

Boko Haram an Underestimated Threat?
2ser Radio

29 April 2015

Slavery in the Australian suburbs: It's happening, but how do we stop it?

SBS News

04 April 2015

Child trafficking on the rise, UN report reveals

SBS News

26 November 2014

The rape scene in Brad Pitt's Fury no-one is talking about

The Conversation

03 November 2014

My name is Thea. I'm 12. And I'm getting married

SBS News

11 October 2014

Over 1000 arrested, 30 trafficked children rescued in Europe-wide raids

SBS News

26 September 2014

Just Married, Just a Child

Australian Parliamentary Group on Population and Development

August 28, 2014!Just-Married-Just-a-Child/c13wh/C5F04431-94C1-43A3-A901-46A3E2159E4C

A new push to end slavery in Australia

The Wire

30 July 2014

Modern Slavery

612 ABC Brisbane, Afternoons with Kelly Higgins-Devine

21 July 2014

Girls as young as ten being forced into marriage; 14 million child brides married every year
14 July 2014

More coordination needed between commonwealth and state governments.

ABC World Today
25th June 2014

The alarming plight of child brides around the world
07 May 2014

Does Australia have any form of Slavery?
SBS Urdu Radio
30 March 2014

Modern Day Slavery
ABC Overnights 
26 March 2014

Anti-Slavery Australia's Jennifer Burn talks slavery talks slavery in Australia
Australian Christian Lobby
25 March 2014

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest launches Global Freedom Network in bid to end slavery
ABC TV News 
19 March 2014

New global network formed to fight slavery
SBS News
19 March 2014

A Forced Debate

ABC Local Radio Sunday Nights
09 March 2014

Modern-Day Slavery 
ABC Overnights Program
5 March 2014

Father charged over alleged marriage of 12yr old daughter
ABC News

12 February 2014

Putting an end to Forced Marriage in Australia

The Conversation

19 October 2013

What the experts say about 3000 slaves in Australia

Business Insider

18 October 2013

A disturbing report has identified there are still 30,000,000 slaves worldwide - even in Australia
ABC News Radio

17 October 2013

Workers exploited in homes and embassies

22 April 2013

New Anti-Slavery Laws passed in Australia

Thai News Service

04 March 2013

New Laws clamp down on Forced Labour and Forced Marriage

The Conversation

27 February 2013

An Inconvenient Truth

UTS Tower Magazine

Issue 7 Summer 2012

Former forced bride fights for women
The Australian
12 December 2012

Chained to the scourge of slavery
Sydney Morning Herald
6 December 2012

Forced Marriage
Radio National: The Spirit of Things
29 July 2012

Call to end Forced Marriage in Australia
Herald Sun
12 April 2012

PM with Mark Kolvin: Calls for more research into forced marriage
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
11 April 2012

Organ trafficking case dropped
25 March 2012


The Australian Magazine
11 February 2012

Brothel owner charged over human trafficking
Sydney Morning Herald
3 February 2012



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