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About us


We protect the human rights of trafficked and enslaved people through research, policy development, law reform, professional practice, education and advocacy.



Located in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney, our legal centre provides access to comprehensive legal advice[1] and assistance to people who have experienced human trafficking, slavery or forced marriage in Australia. This includes advice on migration, criminal law, family law and compensation.



Our leading research and advocacy considers emerging issues around human trafficking and slavery. Our expert research and the experiences of our clients also inform our policy and law reform activities that consider how to best protect and support trafficked people.



We work to increase awareness of modern slavery through numerous education and outreach activities such as presentations and workshops for schools and universities, and delivering training to frontline staff in government and community organisations on how to identify, respond to and appropriately refer trafficked people.



We co-convene the Trafficking Response Network and the NSW Forced Marriage Network with the Australian Red Cross. The networks bring together a range of community-based groups and organisations working collaboratively to address human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices, including forced marriage.



We are also a member of the National Roundtable on Human Trafficking and Slavery.

NSW Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner

Professor Jennifer Burn, Director of Anti-Slavery Australia has been appointed as Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner for NSW for a six month period until July 2019 to implement the new modern slavery legislation that will combat modern slavery practices.

“I am thrilled to lead the implementation of the groundbreaking NSW Modern Slavery Act and look forward to working with all stakeholders and interested community members on this important reform” read the full media release.

While Professor Burn is acting in this role, Professor Jill McKeough will be Acting Director at Anti-Slavery Australia.

Our Team


  • Professor Jennifer Burn, Director of Anti-Slavery Australia and Professor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney
  • Professor Jill McKeough, Acting Director of Anti-Slavery Australia (January - July 2019)
  • Joanne Pugsley, Lawyer and Migration Agent
  • Ruth McLelland, Centre Coordinator
  • Grace Wong, Lawyer and Forced Marriage Project Manager
  • Carolyn Liaw, Researcher
  • Emma Burn, Administrative Assistant

Pro bono teams from global law firms, lawyers, law students and graduates and many other volunteers and supporters work with us to protect the human rights of trafficked and enslaved people.


[1] Anti-Slavery Australia legal service is conducted by J.M Burn Solicitor. J.M Burn Solicitor has been seconded to Anti-Slavery Australia by the UTS Law Faculty to provide legal advice and representation to trafficked people.


Contact Us

Anti-Slavery Australia, University of Technology Sydney
Phone: +61-2-9514 9660