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ASA in the media

The alarming plight of child brides around the world
07 May 2014

Does Australia have any form of Slavery?
SBS Urdu Radio
30 March 2014 

Modern Day Slavery
ABC Overnights
26 March 2014 

Anti-Slavery Australia’s Jennifer Burn talks slavery talks slavery in Australia
Australian Christian Lobby
25 March 2014

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest launches Global Freedom Network in bid to end slavery
19 March 2014

New global network formed to fight slavery
SBS News
19 March 2014  

A Forced Debate

ABC Local Radio Sunday Nights
09 March 2014

Modern-Day Slavery

ABC Overnights Program

5 March 2014

Father charged over alleged marriage of 12yr old daughter

ABC News

12 February 2014


Putting an end to Forced Marriage in Australia

The Conversation

19 October 2013


What the experts say about 3000 slaves in Australia

Business Insider

18 October 2013

A disturbing report has identified there are still 30,000,000 slaves worldwide - even in Australia

ABC News Radio

17 October 2013

Workers exploited in homes and embassies

22 April 2013

New Anti-Slavery Laws passed in Australia

Thai News Service

04 March 2013


New Laws clamp down on Forced Labour and Forced Marriage

The Conversation

27 February 2013


An Inconvenient Truth

UTS Tower Magazine

Issue 7 Summer 2012

Former forced bride fights for women

The Australian

12 December 2012

Chained to the scourge of slavery

Sydney Morning Herald

6 December 2012


Forced Marriage

Radio National: The Spirit of Things

29 July 2012

Call to end Forced Marriage in Australia

Herald Sun

12 April 2012

PM with Mark Kolvin: Calls for more research into forced marriage

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

11 April 2012


Organ trafficking case dropped


25 March 2012


The Australian Magazine

11 February 2012


Brothel owner charged over human trafficking

Sydney Morning Herald

3 February 2012


Tip-off led to Thai 'under-age sex slaves'

The Age

3 February 2012


PM with Mark Kolvin - Push to grant visas for migrant sex workers

18 November 2011

Industry calls for migrant sex worker visas

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News

18 November 2011

CNN Freedom Project at Melbourne Festival
Arts Hub

4 October 2011

Crime Prevention – Projects funded by the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
Attorney-General’s Department

20 September 2011

HSC Legal Studies News Watch: Slavery and human-trafficking revisited
State Library of NSW

12 September 2011

The rage that doesn’t go away
The Sydney Morning Herald

4 September 2011

ACRATH Canberra - newsletter
Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans

21 August 2011

Police investigate first case of organ trafficking
The Sydney Morning Herald

28 July 2011

Anti-Slavery Project – Community Service Announcements
Iris Pictures


ACMER Lecture Series: Slavery and Migration Law
Migration Institute of Australia

April 2011

Forced marriage
The Law Report

30 November 2010

1.6 million investment in the fight against human trafficking
Hon Kate Ellis MP - Media Releases

24 November 2010

Justice overdue for exploited migrant workers
The Age

23 November 2010

Trafficking a blissfully innocent crime: Anti-Slavery forum finds

12 November 2010

Slavery still not abolished
Science Alert

19 July 2010

Anti-slavery project shows human trafficking in Australia not just about sex

16 July 2010

Slavery in our own backyard
Lawyers Weekly

15 July 2010



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