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Current priorities

Currently, our main focus is on the following three areas.

Free Legal Advice

Anti-Slavery Australia incorporates the law practice, J. M. Burn Solicitor, that provides free legal advice to individuals who have been trafficked, enslaved or exploited in Australia. We offer advice and legal representation in relation to:

  • Migration Law – including visas and citizenship;
  • Criminal Law – including defended matters and victims compensation; and
  • Civil Law – including grave breaches of employment and labour law.


Anti-Slavery Australia prides itself on undertaking leading research in the area of trafficking and slavery, including emerging trends in the field, key issues for government and other decision makers, and the effect on the Australian community. Our unique research capability is a result of the combination of both practical first-hand experience with victims and government through the legal service, coupled with academic rigour as part of the UTS Faculty of Law.

Director of Anti-Slavery Australia Jennifer Burn has recently undertaken research into the emerging issue of forced marriage, with an article ‘Without Consent: Forced Marriage in Australia’ accepted for publication in the Melbourne Law Review. We regularly write submissions to government inquiries and have been widely referenced in the inquiries final reports.

Outreach and Advocacy

Anti-Slavery Australia is currently working on the following five program initiatives:

ASA Interactive – a program specifically designed to engage key community stakeholders and front line workers through interactive workshops and presentations that focus on enhancing community awareness of trafficking, forced labour and forced marriage.

ASA Integrate – a program which focuses on the integration of key research and information on trafficking, forced labour and forced marriage into existing programs or professional development/induction programs for strategic front line agencies.

ASA Educate – this initiative has two components: 
  • E-Learning – our online e-learning training program was developed for front line workers from community organisations, government departments, teachers, health care professionals and law enforcement agencies and covers principles for working with trafficked or enslaved people as well as outlines the support services, indicators and referral pathways available.
  • High School-based streams
    Forced Marriage Integration Stream – working in partnership with the Department of Education, we are aiming to integrate our research and information into existing PD/H/PE / Legal Studies units while also pursuing opportunities to incorporate our information into professional development programs for teachers and support staff.
    Workshop Stream – seeks to engage students in Years 10-12 at individual schools by providing information about ASA, our priority areas and how students can assist us in a great cause through fundraising.

ASA Youth Advocates – our group of dedicated youth advocates raise community awareness of forced marriage and forced labour through establishing peer to peer connections and presenting seminars, information sessions and distributing educational resources.

ASA Engage – in partnership with others, ASA is looking to establish a Forced Marriage Community Reference Group that will provide a platform for key service providers, community leaders and government agencies to share knowledge and coordinate a collaborative response to forced marriage in NSW.

Contact Us

Anti-Slavery Australia, University of Technology Sydney
Phone: +61-2-9514 9660