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Educational Videos

Educational Videos from Antislavery Australia. Click on any of the images below to view the video.



Many Australians believe that slavery belongs in the history books. Experience from communities, research, law enforcement, immigration and criminal prosecutions show the reality is different. This short film focuses on indicators of slavery and human trafficking, the meaning of control and coercion, the importance of ethical and professional conduct and points to sources of more information and what to do if you think someone may be trafficked.


Young People

What does it mean to be trafficked or enslaved? Students from Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay campus in NSW explain the reality of human trafficking and slavery in Australia, address indicators of trafficking, and emphasise the importance of respecting the human rights of trafficked people.




Legal Practitioners

Slavery, trafficking in persons and debt bondage are criminal offences in the Australian Criminal Code. In this film, the Hon Michael McInerney trial judge in the landmark Australian High Court case of The Queen v Tang explains the meaning of slavery in Australian law. The film explores indicators of trafficking, the diverse legal needs of trafficked people and the importance of communicating with people who may be trafficked in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner.


Health Professionals

People who have been trafficked or enslaved may seek health and medical advice and treatment from doctors, nurses, counsellors, social workers and many other health care experts. Dr Heather McIntyre draws on her experience to talk about treating enslaved people to outline some of the signs of trafficking that may be particularly evident in a health consultation.


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