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Fact Sheets


Our library of fact sheets about slavery in Australia.

Media Room

Educational Videos

Watch educational films for by Anti-Slavery about slavery and trafficking in Australia. Australia.

Australian Legal Framework

Australian Legal Framework

This page sets out Australian legal responses to address slavery and trafficking in three areas: criminal law, migration law and workplace law.

News Archive

International Laws

This page provides information about the international legal and institutional framework aimed at addressing human trafficking, slavery and similar practices.

Australian Case Law

Australian Case Law

View examples of Australian case laws.

Reports on Anti-Slavery

Trafficking Reports

View reports discussing the issues of slavery around the world.

Australia Governement Departments & Bodies

Whole of Government Strategy

Australia's governments' departments and bodies as related to slavery.

Useful Web links

Useful Links

Links to other organisations, information and learning materials about slavery.

UN Special Rapporteur presentation

UN Special Rapporteur presentation

UN Special Rapporteur presentation: A human rights approach to trafficking in persons.



Get the answers to common queries about slavery and human trafficking.


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