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New report launching soon - Behind the Screen: Online Child Exploitation in Australia

The online sexual exploitation of children and young people is emerging as a significant issue in Australia and around the world. In an era of low cost and readily available sophisticated technologies, offenders now have unprecedented access to tens of thousands of images of child abuse. Recent Australian cases reveal that Australian offenders are among the most prolific in the world, and are involved in the commission of live online abuse of children and infants overseas.

Anti-Slavery Australia’s new report, Behind the Screen: Online Child Exploitation in Australia will be launched in the coming months and represents the first report of its kind in Australia.  Behind the Screen examines international and domestic responses to the online exploitation of children, by reviewing data previously unavailable to the public, providing expert commentary drawn from interviews with representatives from key government and non-government stakeholders and delivering a comprehensive summary of Australia’s legislative response to crimes of online child exploitation.


In this report, Anti-Slavery Australia makes key recommendations aimed at strengthening Australia’s response to online child exploitation, and advocates for the creation of a peak national body comprising government representatives, law enforcement and other stakeholders to develop a coordinated, national response.



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